5Fish Quality
Thin slices of previously frozen fish left much to be desired with the exception of the Mackerel.
A basic selection of fish but a good selection of Americanized rolls.
Clean, but loud and cramped. “Hombres” marks the men’s restroom door…
The rolls are half of what you’d usually get (3-4 pieces, still a great deal at this price point), the nigiri is thinly sliced, but at $1.75, it’s still a good deal.
Cheap and fast, but the quality and service wont have you returning often.

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Multiple 2012 Visits | Tigard

Sushi Review PortlandSushi Hana is one of those Sushi restaurants that many Sushiphiles avoid at all costs. Conveyor belt fixed priced Sushi doesn’t exactly scream fresh or authentic, but if you know what you are getting yourself into, you have a 50/50 chance of having a decent experience at Sushi Hana (not exactly confidence inspiring, we know. But read on…)

Sushi Hana is located in a strip mall near Washington Square, when you first enter you’ll notice the place very obviously used to be a Mexican restaurant. Southwestern colors and decor paint the inside, and the men’s restroom even still says “Hombres”, funny but I’ll let it slide. The margins here are likely razor-thin, as everything is priced flat at $1.25, $1.75, or $2.25, and 90% of the dishes are the middle tier at $1.75.

Sushi Review PortlandThe seating is very cramped unless you have a party of 4 or more, then you’ll get to sit in a booth. However, if you sit at a booth, two people in your party will be responsible for grabbing dishes off of the belt. After multiple visits, sitting in the booth is preferable. The seats at the line are just too close together, making for award arm bumping with a stranger while you are trying to eat. It’s only bad during rush hours.

The dishes on the line include varied rolls and simple nigiri. The few times we have visited the nigiri was overwhelmingly Salmon, which was sliced thin but still a decent value for $1.75. Luckily you can order anything from the menu at any time, so you aren’t stuck with what’s on the belt. The nigiri is consistently disappointing. We haven’t encountered anything that would make me question the safety of eating the fish, but with the exception of the Octopus and Mackerel, the fish itself is devoid of taste or care. Sometimes the slices are questionable, as if it was cut the wrong direction and with no angle (angled cuts produce more surface area and enhance the flavor!).

Sushi Review PortlandWhere Sushi Hana shines is the rolls. Everything prepared here is definitely American style sushi, with hot sauce, spicy mayo, and cream cheese making appearances. The star of the show for Wes was the dynamite roll, which is a simple california roll with spicy mayo, spicy tuna, hot sauce, green onions, and a little bit of sweet unagi sauce. Katie’s favorite is the fresh roll, which is Hana’s take on a Oishi roll (a spicy tuna roll with cucumber instead of nori and rice). These two are consistently tasty.

Portland Sushi ReviewsThe spider roll, smoked salmon roll, and California roll were all also made well and a great value at $1.75. Other than that though, our Sushi Hana experience has gone downhill over the past several months. The prices have been rising, and the services varies from acceptable to terrible. On multiple occasions our special orders were forgotten, eventually needing a reminder to our server or the chef.

Ultimately, Sushi Hana is great for a cheap fast lunch, but doesn’t satisfy our tastes for sushi proper. It’s the kind of place you sorta just wind up at, but we wouldn’t plan a social outting or double date here.