6Fish Quality
Average to good quality, nothing to write home about but no real complaints.
The standard assortment of nigiri with a focus on rolls.
Very clean with attention to details, soft background music and standard Japanese inspired fare.
Average size pieces but everything was fairly inexpensive.
All around a solid outing, but sushi seemed to play second place at to various tempura and teriyaki dishes.

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August 26th, 2012 | Dinner | Crestwood

Formerly Koji Osakaya, it is unclear whether this was a relaunch or an entirely new restaurant. Since we had never visited Koji Osakaya, we can’t make any comparisons.

Sho’s giant red, black, and white sign is clearly visible from Barbur Blvd. It has a generous parking lot and no wait (although this was a Sunday night). When we visited, there was a patio that didn’t seem to be used for dining.

Our waitress was accommodating and friendly and seemed to know the menu well. Everything seemed new, which was appropriate since they had opened just a few months prior. The menu was definitely less traditional than the decor would have you believe.

The Cappadocia Roll caught my attention: avocado, tobiko, Cream Cheese topped with Unagi tempura. It was very good and super filling, although I feel like the Unagi tempura would be better on the inside of the roll. The nigiri we sampled was yellow tail, shrimp, octopus, mackerel, tuna and tobiko.

The fish was varied from just acceptable to good. The mackerel was the trouble spot, which was a little dry and had little taste. Everything was cut about what you’d expect from the menu pictures, but the orders of nigiri were priced lower than average, 3.50-4.00 per order, so we felt it was a good value. The creamy scallops were smaller, bland, and didn’t have the usual masago to add texture. The rest of our order seemed to be on par with an average Portland sushi restaurant.

Ultimately SHO Japanese Restaurant gets just a passing grade for Sushi, the roll creativity was a highlight, but the fish quality wasn’t exceptional, making this restaurant more suitable for a quick lunch than a “Sushi night”.

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