We are Wes & Katie, and we love raw fish. Dating since May of 2008 and married in October of 2011, we decided our married-couple hobby would be to combining two things we love — Sushi and telling people our opinions (solicited or not!).

While Wes first enjoyed sushi in utero sometime in late 1982, his first memory of sushi was at age 4 or 5 years of age at Taiko Sushi Restaurant in Irvine, CA, where one of the chef’s stuck a Tako tentacle to his cheek. Wes was born and raised in Orange County during the mid-80s to early-90s sushi boom in that region. As a result he grew up eating sushi on a regular basis, eventually refining his own palate. He doesn’t discriminate against non-traditional, Americanized or fusion sushi, but he does prefer the more traditional dishes and style. His favorites: yellowtail sashimi, uni sushi, sweet shrimp, Spanish mackerel, and halibut sushi.

Katie first tried and fell in love with sushi as an adult in January of 2004. Since meeting Wes she has become a bit more adventurous, trying Uni and Sweet Shrimp for the first time (but not enjoying them that much). Over the past 8 years Katie has really grown into her own as a fan of sushi. Her favorites include blue fin tuna sashimi and creamy scallop sushi.