Welcome to Portland Sushi Review, a website for anyone interested in learning the sushi landscape of this great city. Our goal will be to continuously update this site with new reviews that cover Portland’s sushi destinations in detail for both sushi lovers and newbies alike. Our mission is to craft reviews that go beyond simple user reviews and really get into detail of what makes really great sushi.

The Portland sushi scene has exploded over the past decade, with what started as an influx of both California style and traditional sushi, Portland is starting to carve out it’s own style and place in the national sushi landscape. In September 2012, Bloomberg published the “Sushinomics Cost-of-Living Index“, a cost of living index based on sushi restaurants. Portland sushi was the third least expensive in the nation! It’s a fantastic time to get into sushi if you haven’t, and definitely a great time to branch out if you are a sushi lover!